אודות העמותה

Reaching for the cloud (technology), starts with a good thought

At Machshava Tova, we believe that challenge is also an opportunity: Making technology accessible in a supportive and empowering environment opens up opportunities in education, employment, and integration into society for different populations in Israel. Connecting someone to the modern world can raise his or her sense of self-worth and belonging, technology becoming a tool in narrowing gaps in Israeli society.

From Challenge to Opportunity

The Machshava Tova (MT) organization was founded in 2003 by educators and high-tech professionals with the goal of reducing gaps in Israeli society by connecting them to technology and personal empowerment. MT operates in Israel’s geo-social periphery, and creates social mobility among underserved and marginalized communities, such as at-risk children and youth, people with disabilities, job seekers, and senior citizens, with special focuses on women, new immigrants, minorities, etc.

Digital inequality affects many sectors and creates obstacles to educational and professional advancement. Even in Israel, known over the world as the “Startup Nation”, a huge digital gap exacerbates social disparities and negatively affects equal opportunity.

In order to fulfill its vision, Machshava Tova operates community technology centers across Israel, as well as mobile computer classrooms for populations who lack access. The centers' dedicated teams tailor programs to each population’s unique needs, their personal attention supporting the participants to reach success.

At Machshava Tova we believe that technology is the key to the future. In order for our youth to integrate into society as productive, creative, and innovative citizens, they must be instilled with a language that empowers them, advances them in their lives, and opens up new possibilities in our globalized and dynamic society by sparking their inherent interest and potential.

The same goes for senior citizens and job seekers; to better integrate into society and feel like active participants on an emotional, professional, and day-to-day level, they must also have access to the same technological tools.

COVID-19 showed us that technology is not a privilege, but a fundamental right of every person.

For its work in STEM education and digital literacy, Machshava Tova has been awarded several awards, among them: The Jerusalem Mayor's Prize' The exemplary award at the Israel-Sderot Conference for Society and the Ashalim JDC-Israel Prize. Recently, the United Nations has given Machshava Tova a special advisory status, in light of its experience and activities over the years.

אודות העמותה
אודות העמותה

Board of Directors

Dr. Astorre Modena

An Israeli-Italian entrepreneur, founder, and managing partner of the Terra Ventures Partners venture capital fund. Dr. Modena is active in the social sector, particularly non-profit organizations. He founded the Machshava Tova organization with the aim of reducing technological and societal gaps in the country and has been Chairman on the Board of Directors since the organization’s inception in 2003.

Dr. Modena holds an BSc in Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a PhD in Plasma Physics from the Imperial College of London.

Dr. Modena previously worked as a physicist at McKinsey & Co. in Paris, advising leading French and Italian companies in the industrial and financial sectors.

Throughout his life, Dr. Modena has gained rich experience in managing and advising in the financial and technological sectors. He is a board member in various leading CleanTech Israeli companies.

Prior to the founding of Terra Ventures, Dr. Modena worked for the Israel Seed Fund, which boasts over USD 260 million in investment capital. Furthermore, he served as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. and Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, and published numerous articles in prestigious scientific journals.

Adv. Ayelet Torem

Attorney Ayelet Torem is CEO at APMakers Innovative Capital focused on creating business value through cross-sector advisory, business development, investment banking and business entrepreneurship lines of practices. In addition, Mrs. Torem is a Partner & Head of the Global Markets Practice at the reputable law firm Amit, Pollak Matalon & Co (APM & Co, est.1956) where she is also a Partner at the Hitech & Venture Capital Practice. Born and raised in Israel and a Silicon Valley veteran, Ayelet is perceived as an expert in matters relating to Innovation, has successfully led the formation of leading Innovation Centers in Israel, counsels funds and investment vehicles on formation matters, fundraising and investments, and advises many startup companies in multiple spaces and stages. Mrs. Torem is also a member of the Bar-Ilan University (BIU) Council of Trustees and Board of Trustees and has served on Machshava Tova’s Board of Directors since 2013.

Mr. Neil Corney

Neil Corney is the CEO of Citigroup Inc. in Israel and the director of Citi’s markets division in Russia, Turkey, and Israel. He also oversees the innovation sector for managing EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). in addition to these roles, Neil serves as president of the Association of Foreign Banks and Financial Institutions in Israel.
Corney joined Citi Israel in 2004 and is responsible for, among other things, the establishment of Citi’s development center in Israel, which deals with the technological development in the FinTech (financial technology) field, as
well as the first Israeli accelerator in the financial sector. Neil has served on Machshava Tova’s Board of Directors since 2019.

Mr. Moshe Ferber

Mr. Ferber is an entrepreneur and private investor in the high-tech sector. During his 20 years in the field of computing, he has served as a founder, investor, and consultant for a wide range of start-ups and ventures.
Mr. Ferber holds an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. Mr. Ferber has served on Machshava Tova’s Board of Directors since 2012

Mrs. Talya Gazit

Mrs. Talya Gazit With 30 years of experience in technology and 10 years in cybersecurity, Talya left the IDF as a Colonel after being in charge of the MAMRAM unit. Today, she is a leader in digital transformation and cybersecurity consulting at PwC Israel. Talya's impactful career includes planning, establishing and maintaining large data centers, implementing advanced IT platforms and leading the development of information and combat systems.

Board of Trustees

By alphabetical order

Aaron Rinberg

Director of Investments at Battery Global Advisors

Amir Aboulafia

 Ex Colonel
Former CEO Dona Engineering and Constructuon Company 

Amir Leibovitz

CEO of Clarity Capital

Amir Sadeh

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of CliniCrowd

Andrew Goldman

CEO Tsemed

Board Member of the Machshava Tova from 2010 to 2023

Ariel Munafo

Founder of MarkeTech, CloudEdge, and IsraelClouds

Arik Zeevi

Lecturer and Founder of the Israel Excellence Foundation, and Olympic medalist

Barak Ben Eliezer

Managing Partner at Deep Insight Fund for Investments in Life Science and Physics Breakthroughs

Chaim Friedman

Founding Parnter of LIONBIRD, venture capital fund

דויד מרמר

David Mermer

Fund/ risk manager in capital markets with expertise and options, and researcher in Middle Eastern history and Islam.


Hagit Ohana

Director of Content and Training


Yeela Lahav Raz

VP Social Development


Ornit Ben Yashar


אוהד חזן

Ohad Hazan

VP of Finance and Operations

ברכה בך

Bracha bach

Director, Partnerships & Resource Development 

גלעד שוברט

Gilad Shubert

Director of Programs for People with Disabilities and Senior Citizens


Shira Yehudit Healer

Director of Children and Youth Programs

שירה בן אהרון

Shira Ben Aharon

Director of Employment Programs and Volunteer Coordinator

taasuka@mtova.org.il volunteers@mtova.org.il

Adi Gilon

Director of the 100 digital literacy project

הדס בוקע

Hadas Bokea

Lod Center Coordinator