Our Computer Labs

The Community Empowerment Lab is a unique social-environmental project run by young people and volunteers since 2009. We collect hundreds of used computers each year from companies and businesses, social organizations, government offices, and private individuals.

Machshava Tova’s volunteers and young people repair and refurbish the computers and donate them to families and organizations that need them.

Machshava Tova operates two Community Empowerment Labs adjacent to our Community Technology Centers in Lod and Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood. Volunteers and graduates of our PC technician course are responsible for repairing and refurbishing the computers, and installing licensed Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and Office software programs installed.

The computer labs have three spheres of impact:

מעבדות חברתיות

Hundreds of Families

The first sphere includes hundreds of families who receive a computer, which serves an essential tool for children to do their homework and participate in distance learning; for adults to enhance their employment possibilities; and for seniors to stay connected with their family and friends.

מעבדות חברתיות


The second sphere includes youth who learn an in-demand profession and are also able to contribute to the community with their skills.

מעבדות חברתיות

Protecting the Environment

The third sphere is the positive impact on the environment. Recycling the computers helps reduce electronic waste in Israel.

Do you work at a business or organization?

Do you work at a business or organization that has more than 5 computers to donate?

We'll pick up donations of 5 computers and more. Please fill in this form, and your donation will be refurbished and given back to the community. We collect computers (Dual Core and above), thin screens, keyboards, mice, and other equipment.

Do you want to buy a refurbished computer at a subsidized price?

All computer distribution is done in cooperation with local welfare offices. Please contact the relevant welfare office, which can assist you in filling out this form. We offer two options:

מעבדות חברתיות

Complete computer kit

Computer, thin screen, mouse, cables, licensed Microsoft products, 300 NIS.

מעבדות חברתיות

Computer Only

Licensed Microsoft products, no supporting equipment, 200 NIS.

The pricing differs for organizations – 400 NIS for the kit and 300 NIS for only the computer.

It’s important to note:

The symbolic payment will help us buy replacement computer equipment and operate the labs on an ongoing basis; it is not used for profit. In special cases, an additional subsidy may be provided, at our discretion.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve received a high volume of requests, which are being handled in the order they’re received. We want nothing more than to provide a computer for every child and family. However, there is a waiting list and we respectfully request your patience.

Want to help out?

Due to COVID-19, we’ve received hundreds of requests for computer donations. We’re working as hard as we can to address this need. Logistically, we’re currently unable to collect computer donations from private individuals. Furthermore, we need your assistance in financial donations so that we can purchase equipment that must be provided new, such as hard disks, cables, etc. To donate

Thinking about volunteering?

We invite anyone with a technical background and a spirit of volunteerism to join our project, make an impact, and contribute to those in need of computers. You can join our labs in Lod and Jerusalem.

Thanks for supporting us! We hope that together we can help as many people as possible and make sure that there is a computer for every child and family in Israel.

How can we help you?

For more details, please contact the Lab Diretor, Aaron Schreiber as@mtova.org.il